As part of my final year at university, we were provided with an opportunity to take leadership of annual design show- Aston Inspired '19. After successfully securing the role of manager, I was able to work alongside Karan Dosar to execute our vision. Together; we strived to create something unique; something Aston had not witnessed before.

We oversaw numerous sub-departments- directing their work, with the goal of creating high quality, interesting content across multiple platforms. We wanted to create a foundation for the university; building a brand and a work-ethic whereby the focus was on individuals achieving their best in a studio-style environment.

We worked to develop huge interest in design at Aston

We wanted our work, our brand to be recognised.

We created an environment, a mindset where everyone wanted to achieve.

Our goal was to create unity across all disciplines.

The visual elements included only the necessary; putting the focus on the students' work.

Working with Karan was a pleasure given his attention to detail, care and effort; alongside his ability to lead his team.

Furthermore, his commitment and drive to succeed made him an inspiring individual to work alongside.

Karan Dasoar
Personage Creative Director

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